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Are you attending a COMBINE this year or next?

Maybe you’re just looking to shave some time off your 40 or add a few inches to your vertical …

Nothing is worse than showing up to a combine or a camp where you will be measured and graded UNPREPARED!

The good news is BCI has the answers to the tests. We have helped hundreds of high school athletes and multiple NCAA and NFL athletes SLASH TENTHS OF A SECOND OFF THEIR 40 and AGILITY TIMES AS WELL AS ADD INCHES to their vertical and broad jump!

See what NFL Carolina Panther Strength Coach of the Year Joe Kenn has to Say about Andy McCloy …

At the BCI Combination Training Camp, you will learn:

1. The exact 40 yard dash stance to use based on your own body type.

2. How to run the perfect 10 yard dash and maximize your 40 yard dash time.

3. The exact steps for the pro agility and the L Drill.

4. Tips that will improve your vert and broad jump immediately.

5. The exact warmup we provide prospective NFL athletes at their pro day and NFL combine.

6. Drills to engrain the proper technique into your system so when its time to unleash your speed these movements have been rehearsed hundreds of times.

Our next Combine Training Camp has been set for Saturday March 12th 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm and Sunday March 13th 12:00 noon – 2:00 pm. The cost is $199, that includes both days.